Reading Log Due: 19 May

Wiki Page Due: 27 May

Independent Reading Project (50 Points)

1. Read a book of your choice, that meets the following criteria:
  • Fiction
  • minimum of 200 pages
    • Honors: 300 pages or on the Honors SSR list.
  • no connection to a film
  • full prose--no comic books, joke books, etc.
2. Create an interesting, thorough wiki page for your book, that includes:
  • Title & Author (w/bio, see #3)
  • Plot Synopsis (don't give away the ending!)
  • Criticism section (What worked, What didn't)
  • Literary Information (genre, style, etc.)
3. Link your page to others:
  • Classmates pages that would also be of interest (If you liked this...)
  • Books in the same genre (either in class or from the web)
  • Author biography (start with your own, then link to your source)
4. Add your book to the master index.


An A Project Will...
  • be organized--it is clear what is being talked about, information is grouped.
  • catch your eye--makes others want to read or look at it.
  • not be boring; it will be entertaining/interesting.
  • inform the reader.
  • include all components of assignment, including links to other pages & the index.
  • include examples--cite quotations.
  • be mechanically correct

A B Project Will....
  • be missing one or two of the above criteria.

A C Project Will...
  • make an effort, but fall short on more than two criteria.

A D Project Will...
  • be present with a little effort shown.

An F Project Will...
  • show little attention to the assignment or criteria.