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Walter Dean Myers was born in August of 1937 in West Virginia. He was raised in Harlem.
Walter Dean Myers is the author of many highly acclaimed books for young adults including:
-Hoops (1983) - A promising basketball player tries not to end up like his former pro playing coach.
-The Outside Shot (1986) - A Harlem talent goes to college for basketball.
-Crystal (1987) A girl's life when she becomes a model.
-Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff (1988)
-Fallen Angels (1988): Young men in the army and their experiences in Vietnam
-Won't Know 'Til I Get There (1988)
-The Young Landlords (1989) - A group of kids take over an apartment building and then struggles to keep it up.
-Scorpions (1990) - a 12 year old is asked to lead his brother's gang
-The Mouse Rap (1990) - A fourteen year old is determined to find the loot from a '30s bank heist.
-The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner (1994) - a 12 year old boy goes after a man that murdered his uncle.
-The Glory Field (1994)
-Slam (1998) - Young black teen with an attitude problem deals with life on and off the basketball court.
-Monster (1999) A 16 year-old black boy is charged with murder.
-145th Street: Short Stories (2001)
-Greatest: Muhammad Ali (2001)
-Bad Boy; A Memoir (2002) - a part of the Amistad Series, it is Myers life stories as a young boy growing up in 1940's Harlem.
-Handbook for Boys: A Novel (2003)
-It Ain't All for Nothin (2003)
-Somewhere in the Darkness (2003)
-Thanks & Giving: All year long (2004)
-Shooter (2005) - A school shooting leaves two friends of the shooter documenting what they know to the police.
-Beast (2003)
-Autobiography of My Dead Brother (2005)
-Street Love (2006)
-What They Found: Love on 145th Street (2007)
-Harlem Summer (2007)
-Game (2008)

Walter Dean Myers currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is also a member of the Harlem Writer's Guild.


This book is about a soldier in the Vietnam War named Perry. The main characters are Perry and his friend Pewie. This book is about
the struggle the American troops went through in the Vietnam War. It shows how they would go on patrol and how the government made it look like the only people with casualties were the enemies. This book also shows some of the gruesome battle scenes that most soldiers went through on a weekly basis. For example, people that they became friends with would die right beside them. The soldiers just had
to hope that they weren't next to die. There was a part in the book when Perry became friends with a guy and while they were talking and walking during patrol duty the guy stepped on a mine and blew up. The book was very detailed and it made me feel like I was there. I liked this book and I strongly suggest you read it.


I thought this book was really good but there is one thing I can criticize. I thought some of the battle scenes were a little hard to follow because sometimes there were flashbacks of when Perry was back home. Otherwise I thought it was great!



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Walter Dean Myers

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