Crooked Little Heart by Anne Lamott

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Anne Lamott:
external image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dis&o=1247&sv=0a30050f&ip=4b868ae6& was born in San Fransisco, California in the year of 1954. She is the daughter of Kenneth Lamott, who is also a writer.After 2 years of college she dropped out and began writing for a magazine called WomenSports.
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Genre: Tragedy fiction
A 13 year old girl and her family go through a struggle in there life trying to become a united family.As Rosie the 13 year old girl grows up she becomes more competetive in playing tennis.
Criticism: Over all it was a good book. It had a great story and the characters helped made the story good.I am not much of a tennis fan so I didnt care for that part as much as what was going on with the girls family.
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