Author:Phil Bildner

This book is about:

So far this book is about a high school senior class that is going on a ski trip. While on there ski trip four stories are being told, and the stories are about something bad that they have done. So far Casey, Nikki, Joanne and Curtis are in there hotel room because they have to be in there rooms by eleven. because they have room check to make sure everyones all there. After the room check Casey and Curtis go to Nikki and Joanne's room to party. Curtis had some tequila that he had brought with him from home so he brought it to the room so they could all drink it. So they were all drinking then Joanne whipped out something but they couldn't smoke it because no one had a lighter so Casey was like i will run back to my room really quick and grab a lighter so he quickly left the room will he was drunk. Then he saw one of the teachers. Mrs. Curtis had caught Casey she was screaming for Mr. Bratten to come talk to Casey , because earlier the principal said he would have zero tolerance on this trip and if there was an alochol or drugs they would have their parents come immediatley to pick them up. Mrs. Curtis had realized that Casey was drunk by looking in his eyes and by smelling his breath. Mr. Bratten told Casey to take him to his hotel room. Casey knew that his other friends Shane and Dex were probably smoking and already did smoke so they would get in even more trouble to. They walked into the room there was total silence Shane and Dex just looked in shock to see that Mr. Bratten was there standing at their door with Casey. Mr. Bratten knew they were smoking all three just sat on the bed in silence will Mr. Bratten was asking questions. Then Shane and Dex both started crying and Casey felt so bad because he knew it was all his fault that they caught. So far thats all i read.

Author Bio:

Phil Bildner is 40,He grew up in New York City.He attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. His first career was a law firm after a year he realized that a law firm wasn't the job for him. He always liked teaching and working with children so he decided to try a career in education.After a couple years he started writing childrens books with pictures in them and stated telling the classes that he taught how he started writing books and publishing them.That is all I read about Phil Bildner.