Author:Melissa De La Cruz


Author Bio:

The book that i am reading is called Angels on Sunset Boulevard. The author is <b>Melissa De La Cruz</b>. She has also written Au Pairs series and Blue Bloods series for teenagers. Melissa lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She has a website called www. Melissa-Sgdelacruz.com and u can send her emails to see more of her books. She is also a big fan on myspace, her name is www.myspace.com/melissadelacruz. Melissa has worked as a fashion and beauty editor and has written for many publications. She has written for The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper's, Bazars, Glamour, and Blue Blood.

Plot synopsis:

This is about a guy named John Silver. He is the to be worlds biggest rock star. On his fist concert Johnny disappears. There was a flash of light and he was gone. Taj is trying to find out the truth about how Johnny went missing. The whole world thinks he is on a break or is in hiding. There is a TAP space where people talk about celeberties and then the celeberities talk back. On TAP people are discussing Johnny's disappearance and how it could have happened. One night Taj meets Nick, a Westside preppie who does not buy into the TAP world, espcially since his kid sister never came home from attending one of its blow-out bashes. Slowly the two of them drawn to TAP and to each other. Taj just might know a little more than she is letting on.


I think this book is very good and well written. This is also a very confusing book. If you are the kinda of person that likes to hear stories about sex and drugs and celebrity gossip, then you will love this book. I thought that the book was a bad book to read. I do not recomend this book for anyone 13 years or younger. The characters in the book were not role model type. They did drugs, had sex, and had very poor language. Angels on Sunset Boulevard had a lot of twists to it. The characters are very different from each other. If this was a show i would not watch because of all drugs and sex.


mystery and drama